REV Main Titles
Main Title Sequence for REV 2013, an exhibition of work by 14 Artists / Designers / Researchers / Teachers, in partial completion of a Masters of Art in Art & Design Education at the Limerick School of Art & Design.
The aim of this Main Title sequence is to represent the ideas behind our community of practice; the journey we've all embraced and the variety of work that has surfaced. It is in essence a blend of those different styles and perspectives, all driven by the same force. I've adopted a multilayered approach and used a sphere as the feature element in this opening animation. Through which I've transposed its shape, manipulated its make up and explored its inner reaches. All in an effort to convey our shared experience.
Typography is a key component to any title sequence. I've fostered each letter individually using this simple sans serif face. Each letter arrangement emerging selectively and punctuated through appropriate musical pivots. Choreographed imagery ebbing and flowing within my canvas. A blend of computer generated imagery, motion typography and narrative; all championing the creative illusion of depth, breath and scope.
Limerick School of Art & Design
Exhibition Catalogue